Huge Savings for Customer with New Sullair Compressor

Sullair air compressor

When it comes to your compressors, sometimes less is more! 

The Chamco Langley team recently delivered and installed a new Sullair LS9009V air compressor, effectively consolidating the CFM delivery of four smaller compressors into one! 

After completing an air audit on the old compressors, Chamco presented this customer with the new LS line from Sullair to significantly lower their energy consumption. Working with the end-user through the BC Hydro Self-Serve Incentive Program (SIP), 40% of the cost for the equipment, installation, and commissioning was covered. 

Even better? Chamco is providing a custom preventative maintenance program to maintain the outstanding 10-year warranty of the new compressor. 

Lower monthly energy costs + lower overall ownership costs + avoiding peak demand rates = enormous savings for our customers. 

Great job, Chamco team!

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