October 22, 2019

An Innovative Pump Solution

Chamco Unique Package Design

At Chamco, we pride ourselves on using our years of experience to create innovative pump and compressor solutions for each customer’s unique needs.

Case in point, we recently had a client come to us with a request for a unit that could mix cleaning agents together and then deliver it to the equipment requiring it. Our engineering department designed a self-contained unit on a structural steel skid with FRP-molded fiberglass grating over the deck, creating a full sump below to catch and drain away any of the mixture that spills or overflows. It has a 300 us gal. heated mixing tank with a Delta Mixers PGF-1 dual propeller agitator, 316SS 8” propeller and ¾” shaft – all fabricated in house. It will be used to mix and pump cleaning solution using a 10HP Grundfos CRN 32-2H water pump rated 32.9 m3/h at 42.44m TDH.

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